October 2020

125 / October 2020 / Noah Kuhn

  1. Slow DriveMoon Panda
  2. Prisoner's SongNova Nova
  3. The Bronx (feat. Lou Reed)Booker T. Jones
  4. You Like to Joke Around with MeNap Eyes
  5. No RoomNana Adjoa
  6. Right Down the LineSam Evian
  7. Moonshine Got MeDaniel Norgren
  8. AUATCBon Iver
  9. the last great American dynastyTaylor Swift
  10. Morse Code (feat. Odile & Geoffroy)Men I Trust
  11. Running Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu)The Avalanches
  12. Without YouMolly Burch
  13. Hannah SunLomelda
  14. as good as it getsSophie Meiers
  15. Be NothingBeach Fossils

The last six months have been a doozy eh?! I've been working strange early/late/anytime hours at my office in downtown Amherst trying to get work done, but always feeling a day late and a step behind. Especially the last month of scattered childcare, delayed school openings, laptop education, ugh. One constant has been my office retreat and headphones. I share office space with a friend (and now Kate!) so most of the time I'm head down in a project with the cans on. These songs have been the ones that have let me focus, given me inspiration to keep getting up and getting after it again. In this weird time of disconnection, missed friends, isolation, I'm thankful to have a project like Burnmix to take my mind off the rest, at least for a bit. I know as good as any that attention and time are in short supply, but hopefully you'll get a chance to throw your favorite headphones and take an hour vacation with me.

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  1. Moon Panda / Slow Drive

    Don't want to put you to sleep right off the bat, but I love this for it's simplicity, expanse, that bass line.

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    Currently based in Denmark, Moon Panda is ready to gently launch you into the electric currents that govern deep space. When Moon Panda isn't lulling you into a dream with their hypnotic, mellow grooves they're whipping up trippy music videos that coax you into their world and ask you to stay a while. Read more on Last.fm more...

  2. Nova Nova / Prisoner's Song

    This is a crazy ass time signature meld. The repetition is meditative, kind of like the days have felt these past months. The bass sounds so good, the layering as it comes up, that late-90s downtempo DJ Shadow/Roni Size drum beat, and damn, that voice.

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    Nova Nova originated in 1992, making the band one of the pioneers of the French electronic musical scene. They were first signed on the mythical and now defunct Rave Age imprint, the first ever French techno label, and have been one of the best known electronic live acts in France, with performances at the Rex and the Transmusicales de Rennes in 1994. Their first ep, « Metaphysic ? » comes out in july 94 on F Communications and introduces their house rich in melodies and emotions. Read more on Last.fm more...

  3. Booker T. Jones / The Bronx (feat. Lou Reed)

    Love the drums throughout, that triple snare is so good.

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    Booker T. Jones (born November 12, 1944) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer and arranger, best known for fronting the band, Booker T. & the M.G.'s. Born in South Memphis, Tennessee, Jones was a child prodigy, playing the oboe, saxophone, trombone, and piano at school and serving as organist at his church. He attended Booker T. Washington High School, the alma mater of Rufus Thomas and shared the hallowed halls with future stars Read more on Last.fm more...

  4. Nap Eyes / You Like to Joke Around with Me

    Heard this driving in the car and had to pull over to see who it was. Definitely has some echoes of Lou Reed vox (see last song)

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    Nap Eyes is a Canadian indie rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band consists of vocalist Nigel Chapman, guitarist Brad Loughead, bassist Josh Salter and drummer Seamus Dalton. Read more on Last.fm more...

  5. Nana Adjoa / No Room

    Late addition, complex, spaced out, bass line is so juicy

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    Read more on Last.fm more...

  6. Sam Evian / Right Down the Line

    The elastic guitar tone grabbed me first, super clean and slick. Gerry Rafferty cover. Great job done on the complicated chorus harmonies

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    Sam Evian is a performance alias of Sam Griffin Owens, a New York-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with an affection for the mellower sounds of the '60s and '70s. Also a studio multitasker, he helped to build the Figure 8 Recording Studios in Brooklyn, and his appreciation for vintage instruments and equipment and his knowledge of the contemporary are evident in his solo work. Similarly, he counts the Band, Shuggie Otis, Cate Le Bon, and Cass McCombs (whom he's produced) among his many varied influences. Read more on Last.fm more...

  7. Daniel Norgren / Moonshine Got Me

    This is an experience. Recorded live so on phones you can hear glasses clinking, murmurs, but so clean and quiet like the audience was in a trance. Nearly 9 minutes, it builds and moves and repeats and just kicks ass. I love this track.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Daniel Norgren is a swedish singer-songwriter from Borås. His music noted for its originality, which is rough and soulful with ways in the expressions that could be traced back to the pre-war blues and gospel, early garagerock and jazz. As a live artist he often performs all on his own, with his one man band on electric guitar, drums, kazoo and harmonica, but he also performs with a full band. In reviews he has been compared with artists like RL Burnside Read more on Last.fm more...

  8. Bon Iver / AUATC

    Probably made the mix first, an excellent short little track. From a quick read, the vocals are actually made up by Springsteen, Jenny Lewis, and the singer from Wye Oak.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Bon Iver is a Grammy Award winning folk band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States, and one of Justin Vernon's current and most notable music projects to date. The band also consists of Mike Noyce, Sean Carey and Matt MacCaughan. The name 'Bon Iver' (pronounced "bon ee-VAIR") is a play on the French phrase 'bon hiver' meaning 'good winter'. Vernon independently released Bon Iver's debut album For Emma, Forever Ago in 2007, most of which was recorded during a four-month stay in a remote cabin in Wisconsin. Read more on Last.fm more...

  9. Taylor Swift / the last great American dynasty

    Reading about this record was pretty interesting. The vast majority of the music was written by Bryce Dessner of The National, which you can definitely hear. This is a great true story history about Swift's Rhode Island mansion.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania) is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Swift is a 10-time Grammy winner with a total of 31 nominations (Feb 2018). As of July 2015, Swift has sold 40 million albums and 130 million singles worldwide. Taylor Swift is that rarest of pop phenomena: a superstar who managed to completely cross over from country to the mainstream. Other singers performed similar moves -- notably Read more on Last.fm more...

  10. Men I Trust / Morse Code (feat. Odile & Geoffroy)

    Could be a long lost Jamiriquai track, but it's so groovy. Wah guitar, disco drums, love that double clap. Smooth vox.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Men I Trust is Dragos, Emma, Jessy, Mathieu and Alexis. Founded in 2014, Men I Trust, is an indie dance band from Montreal (Canada) who loves smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats. They record, mix, master and shoot their music videos. Jessy and Dragos knew each other since their fourth year of high school. Back then (mid-2000’s), Dragos had somewhat of a background in classical piano and Jessy mastered the dark and esoteric art of the metal guitar solist. Read more on Last.fm more...

  11. The Avalanches / Running Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu)

    This has been Brooks's favorite song of the past few months. I've listened to it so many times that it had to find a spot on here. The Schrodinger lyric is a little precious for me, but other than that I dig it.

    More Info from Last.FM

    There have been at least two bands named The Avalanches: 1. An Australian electronic music collective 2. A defunct American surf rock group NOTE: The former band actually got their name from the latter, as The Avalanches' " Ski Surfin''" album was known to be their favorite album. 1. The Avalanches are an electronic music collective from Melbourne, Australia. They are well known for their use of eclectic sampling, having created their debut album Read more on Last.fm more...

  12. Molly Burch / Without You

    Great unique voice, the refrains are super catchy and I've found myself humming this one more than once.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Molly Burch is an American singer-songwriter based in Austin, TX. When on tour, she is the lead vocalist and writer backed by four musicians. She and her band have toured with Sallie Ford. Burch studied jazz vocal performance in college and gravitated towards vocalists such as Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Burch's voice takes cues from old timers like Dusty Springfield and Patsy Cline to create throaty mountains and valleys of sound. It's retro country and soul in the best way. Read more on Last.fm more...

  13. Lomelda / Hannah Sun

    Another voice. Love the details in this song, great sounds you can't quite place where they came from. "Am I shining? I am trying to shine."

    More Info from Last.FM

    Lomelda is an art rock band from Waco, TX. Their sound features strong female vocals, loose spacey guitars, and intricate emotional percussion. Lead by the songwriting of Hannah Read, the group creates music that is both accessible and exploratory, nostalgic and challenging. Read’s simple guitar stylings range from mellow, woody rhythmic patterns to heavy droning textures, while the dynamic drumming of Zach Daniel adds weight to the subtleties of the songs. Read more on Last.fm more...

  14. Sophie Meiers / as good as it gets

    Great loping beat with some interesting backbeat drops, the stretchy bass sounds. "Get me out of my fucking head"

    More Info from Last.FM

    Sophie Meiers is a soundcloud singer, who hails from Durango, Colorado. She has a very unique voice and sound, and partners with a lot of other soundcloud producers. Read more on Last.fm more...

  15. Beach Fossils / Be Nothing

    Great spacy vibe. Builds to a melting point, which leads back into my favorite part, the come down, release, and that jangly guitar lead at 4:18. Yes. Thanks

    More Info from Last.FM

    Beach Fossils is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2009. The group currently includes Dustin Payseur, Tommy Gardner, Jack Doyle Smith and Tommy Davidson. They are known for their lo-fi, atmospheric sound and Payseur's vocal style. Formed in 2009, the act was originally a means to expand the solo project of Dustin Payseur. That same year bassist John Peña and guitarist Christopher Burke were recruited as the lineup for their initial tour. Read more on Last.fm more...

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