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56 / January 2015 / BurnMix

  1. A Little God In My HandsSwans
  2. Coming HomeLeon Bridges
  3. NaraAlt-J
  4. GooeyGlass Animals
  5. And We DancedMacklemore (feat. Ziggy Stardust)
  6. A Feather’s Not a BirdRosanne Cash
  7. IKendrick Lamar
  8. MineBeyoncé (feat. Drake)
  9. Name on a MatchbookSpringtime Carnivore
  10. Inspector NorseTodd Terje
  11. Golden Surf IIPere Ubu
  12. If I Loved YouDelta Rae
  13. It Took a MinuteGenerationals
  14. Rent I PaySpoon
  15. Mess is MineVance Joy
  16. Ooh-Ma-LiddiJ.J. Jackson & The Jackals
  17. Two WeeksFKA Twigs
  1. Vance Joy / Mess is Mine

    Kristin: I love Riptide (even the second time, John). This song is a second favorite. I love the clapping. A little Mumford & Sons.

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    Vance Joy (born James Keogh in Melbourne) is an Australian singer-songwriter. His debut album God Loves You When You're Dancing was released in March 2013. The single "Riptide" became a success on Australian commercial radio and was certified Platinum by the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA). Feeding on a diet of The Pogues, Paul Kelly, and whatever else was playing, Joy cut his teeth performing at open mic nights in Melbourne. His style is folk music with pop influences. Read more on Last.fm more...

  2. Delta Rae / If I Loved You

    Kristin: I first heard this song on Sarah Lee Guthrie's fb page. Her niece had performed it at some high school talent show. She was nervous but it was so sweet and raw and honest...and ultimately, really good. So then I loved the song. Here's the performance.

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    Delta Rae is an American band formed in Durham, North Carolina in 2009. Their debut album, Carry the Fire, was released on June 19, 2012. The band consists of three siblings Ian Hölljes (vocals and guitar), Eric Hölljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys) and Brittany Hölljes (vocals), as well as Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals), Mike McKee (percussion) and Grant Emerson (bass guitar). They began as a four-piece ensemble and added McKee and Emerson to the dynamic in 2010. Read more on Last.fm more...

  3. Macklemore (feat. Ziggy Stardust) / And We Danced

    Kristin: I'm enjoying the small window of time when I can play songs like this and dance with my daughter before she starts asking me: "Mommy, what's skeeted?" If you hate this song, listen to it again. You'll have to dance at some point...and have a really, really, really good time.

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    Ben Haggerty, also know as Macklemore is an emcee from Seattle, Washington that often shows up the larger acts he opens for in the city. At his own shows he keeps the audience going, no matter how small the crowd. On his debut album, The Language of My World, Macklemore drafts a lyrical landscape of classic proportions. This record is teeming with energy and ambition, serving as a fitting debut for one of this country's most promising young artists. Read more on Last.fm more...

  4. Swans / A Little God In My Hands

    Andy: I said I wasn't going to send this out because I thought it might wreck the flow of the mix, but I reconsidered. The stuff that Swans are doing these days is remarkable and worth spending time with. As purveyors of early 80s New York no-wave noise, they've evolved into something remarkable, occupying a space where dissonance and noise induce meditative trance. Does that last sentence sound like bullshit? Listen on. Also, this track has a nice Broadway creepshow feel to it once those backing vocals start around 4:13. And one more thing: the band plays this stuff. Think about that and the regularity of the groove as you listen.

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    Swans is a band from New York, United States, active from 1982 to 1997, reformed in 2010, led by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. Marginally associated with the no wave scene at first, their original sound was slow and extremely heavy, with live performances that were often so brutal and physical that in a number of instances certain audience members were made ill, police were called and venues were shut down. This early physical sound is possibly best heard on the live album Public Castration Is A Good idea. Read more on Last.fm more...

  5. Pere Ubu / Golden Surf II

    Andy: My brother can't stand Pere Ubu. He does an impression of David Thomas' singing that would make the most devoted fan give pause. But I love 'em. And I love the romance of this line: "There oughta be a plan for tonight. A plan that involves speed, light, and you by my side."

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    Pere Ubu is an experimental rock music group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975. Despite many long-term band members, singer David Thomas is the only constant. The group is named after Père Ubu ("father Ubu"), the protagonist of Ubu Roi ("Ubu, the King"), a play by French writer Alfred Jarry. While Pere Ubu have never been widely popular—usually categorized as "underground rock"—they have a devoted following, have been hugely influential on several generations of avant-garde musicians and are a critically acclaimed American musical group. Read more on Last.fm more...

  6. Leon Bridges / Coming Home

    Noah: Tons of folks doing the throwback thing these days, but this guy seems like one to watch. Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, he just signed a record deal which I assume will find it's way out in 2015. He only has two songs out at the moment and I almost picked the other—Better Man—which is equally awesome.

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    Leon Bridges (born Todd Michael Bridges on July 13, 1989) is an American gospel and soul singer, songwriter and record producer from Fort Worth, Texas. Bridges began performing in and around Fort Worth, Texas and stirred up music industry interest with analog recordings, produced by Justin Block and Austin Jenkins of White Denim, which were uploaded to his SoundCloud page. Signed to major-label Columbia, his first singles -- including a rich ballad Read more on Last.fm more...

  7. Todd Terje / Inspector Norse

    Noah: I put this on headphones a few nights ago for a half mile walk home. I couldn't stop from doing my best Christopher Walken impersonation. I like to think some stranger saw me along the way and had a chuckle. This song also found it's way onto the stereo at our NYE party, so it really did serve as the final song of 2014 for me.

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    Following a string of celebrated releases leaning on everything from kitschy euro sounds to deep funk and latin jazz, the relatively new to the scene Todd Terje has already made his mark within dance music circuits. Gems such as "Eurodans" and the latin disco-fuelled edit of Jacko's "Can't Help it" under his Tangoterje edit-moniker instantly made industry types and clubbers alike go bananas, and whatever the 25 year old Norwegian puts his fingers on, it always comes out with that crucial blend of musicality and playfulness. Read more on Last.fm more...

  8. FKA Twigs / Two Weeks

    Joe: Eerie, captivating - just draws you in and swallows you up. The music video does the same. Always nice to see the producers, back-up singers and in this case dancer make it to the big time. Lindsay: This song is totally not appropriate for the office (John). While there were plenty of other options for my second place song of the year, this one just nails my weak spot. It defines my love for deep bass, etherial female vocalists and, ahem, a certain sensuality. FKA ("Formerly Known As") Twigs got her name from her joint popping dance moves, and quite the moves they are...

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    FKA twigs is a pseudonym of English singer, songwriter, producer and dancer Tahliah Debrett Barnett. Born January 16, 1988, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, she was formerly known as twigs. Named after the way her bones pop and crack; the part-Jamaican, part-Spanish singer now based in London, released a 4 track EP in December 2012, accompanied by their respective promo videos. Her father is Jamaican, and her mother is an Englishwoman of partly Spanish descent who used to be a dancer and gymnast. Read more on Last.fm more...

  9. Spoon / Rent I Pay

    Joe: We talked a little about how great albums are harder and harder to come by these days. This is my favorite of 2014. Amazing how they continue to delivery. Right up there with Gimme Fiction for me. I could have gone with any of five tracks that I have on constant rotation but this is the one that I'm always singing to myself.

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    Spoon is an American indie rock band from Austin, Texas. The band was formed in late 1993 by lead singer/guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno. Current members also include: Eric Harvey (keyboard, guitar, percussion, backing vocals) and Rob Pope (bass, backing vocals - replaced Joshua Zarbo in 2007). After releasing their debut LP Telephono on Matador Records, the band signed with Elektra in 1998, but the contract was dropped soon after the band released A Series of Sneaks. Read more on Last.fm more...

  10. Alt-J / Nara

    Lindsay: The compilation of songs on this album proceeds tells a story about Nara... the arrival into, the being in, and the leaving from. This particular track is the being in or just rather "Nara". What or who or where Nara is becomes obscured into an sense of completely losing oneself into something. I always look for layers in music and I believe this song has mastered that - telling a story that the boils down the narrative of the entire album into one song. My favorite of the year by far.

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    Alt-J (sometimes stylised ∆) was formed when Gwil Sainsbury (guitar, bass), Joe Newman (guitar, vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards), and Thom Sonny Green (drums) met at Leeds, UK University in 2007. The band currently resides in Cambridge. Unger-Hamilton studied English Literature; the other three Fine Art. In their second year of studies, Newman showed Sainsbury a handful of his own songs inspired by his guitar-playing dad and hallucinogens Read more on Last.fm more...

  11. Glass Animals / Gooey

    Lindsay: Well, I got scooped on my first pick of "Two Weeks" for my second favorite song so I'll go in this direction... this is one of those songs that I'm pretty sure that Andy is going to hate, but I love. It just IS gooey... gets into all those little dance pores in my mind and makes me want to move. It is sooo smooth and syrupy.

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    Oxfordshire quartet Glass Animals are Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer and Joe Seaward. They grew up together from the age of thirteen and started working together when Dave showed Drew some tracks. They self-released a 5 track demo in 2012 which form the basis of the 'Leaflings EP', released via Kaya Kaya Records. It included 'Cocoa Hooves', 'Golden Antlers' and 'Exxus', later included on the 'Black Mambo / Exxus EP'. Having left the confines of their creative hub in the woodlands of Oxfordshire (referred to as The Shed) Read more on Last.fm more...

  12. Springtime Carnivore / Name on a Matchbook

    Saunders: Because I'm a sucker for a whistle and you can't beat this "sunshine pop" that's sexy, smart, and imminently singable melody. Her entire album is worth listening to and ranges from this to sounding like Aimee Mann circa Magnolia soundtrack.

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    Springtime Carnivore was born on the night of a full moon in the summer of the year of the dragon. She is the seventh of twelve siblings. Her father was a painter and her mother baked wedding cakes. Her favorite color is turquoise. Her favorite food is purple Pez. In a past life she slept beneath the stars in far away Western places and died in a gun fight with Annie Oakley. Following high school, Springtime Carnivore joined a traveling circus company. Read more on Last.fm more...

  13. Generationals / It Took a Minute

    Saunders: This song is foreplay for your ears. Enough said.

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    The two men behind the creation of Generationals - Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer - don't know what they've done. They couldn't possibly have that sort of clairvoyance to perceive the effect that one of the songs they wrote has had on the few and will have on the many before the year is up. The song in question - "When They Fight They Fight" - is a HIT recording the likes of which summers cream for, the likes of which makes everyone go a little woozy and a lot bananas. Read more on Last.fm more...

  14. Rosanne Cash / A Feather’s Not a Bird

    John: Heard this song recently and had it on repeat for several days. This is on the edge of country, but is so well-structured and produced - and great lyrics. A tip of the hat to those with Southern blood.

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    Rosanne Cash (born May 24, 1955 in Memphis, Tennesee) is an American singer and songwriter. She is oldest daughter of Johnny Cash and his first wife, Vivian Liberto, born shortly before the release of her father's first single. She is also the stepdaughter of June Carter Cash and the stepsister of country singer Carlene Carter. Cash released her first single in 1979, a duet with Bobby Bare called "We Don't Need No Memories Hangin' 'Round". Two years later, she had her first country No. Read more on Last.fm more...

  15. Kendrick Lamar / I

    John: I would probably never put this on a full mix, but this song seemed like a good add for a potpourri mix. What makes it for me is the mashed in swirling guitar lick (by Ernie Isley) from the Isley Brothers “That Lady” - circa 1973.

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    Kendrick Lamar (born Kendrick Lamar Duckworth June 17, 1987) is a rapper from Compton, California. He is also a member of the hip-hop supergroup Black Hippy collective along with members Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q. His music is largely influenced by the works of 2Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, The Notorious B.I.G., Mos Def, Eazy-E and Eminem. He began to gain major recognition in 2010 after his first retail release, Overly Dedicated. The following year, Lamar independently released his first studio album Section. Read more on Last.fm more...

  16. J.J. Jackson & The Jackals / Ooh-Ma-Liddi

    Bryn: I chose this song because I truly listened to it over and over throughout the spring and summer months particularly. My first full year in Portland and Mississippi Records is one of the best parts about living here. This tiny and perfect record shop also makes and sells their own mix tapes. This track is from a mixtape titled "We're Gonna Make It, Part 2" (Tape Series, Vol. 5). This particular mix is so good, all 1960s soul music. For some reason, I regularly forget the tremendous mood changer and uplifter that music can be. And this year, this mix, in my car, pulling out of my parking spot, headed to work or wherever, as my preggo belly grew bigger and my emotions hopped around, this song and this mix made me happy every time.

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    J.J. Jackson & The Jackals' masterpiece Oo-Ma-Liddi a song The Cramps thaught us. Read more on Last.fm more...

  17. Beyoncé (feat. Drake) / Mine

    Bryn: This is maybe just to surprise you guys. I literally could not decide on a song released this year that wasn't already on one of my other mixes or on one of yours. Started over-thinking things so I went with a simple selection -- Beyonce. Fact is, I love pop R&B and will always be a big Beyonce fan. I don't show that side much here on Burnmix, but my car radio is either set to Portland's jazz station or to the poppiest-pop hip hop station I can find. No shame!

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    This is an incorrect tag for Beyoncé. If you have Last.fm Autocorrection on, it will automatically redirect your scrobbles to the correct tag. However, it is recommended that you change your ID3 tags to the correct artist name. Read more on Last.fm more...

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