Breathing Lessens

45 / February 2014 / Kristin Kelly

  1. Pilot MeJosh Garrels
  2. Go HomeLucius
  3. You Can't Be ToldValerie June
  4. Your Ex-Lover Is DeadStars
  5. Blue MoonBeck
  6. HomePhillip Phillips
  7. River LoveAngus Stone
  8. My BoysTaken By Trees
  9. MichiganThe Milk Carton Kids
  10. Prank CallsKelley Stoltz
  11. Come Like A RiverCandace Brinkley
  12. The ManAloe Blacc
  13. In the KingdomMazzy Star
  14. The Littlest BirdsThe Be Good Tanyas
  15. Birds And StarsElephant Revival
  16. You Know MeAir Traffic Controller
  17. I Hurt TooKatie Herzig
  18. SimpleThe Violet Archers

Mix subtitle:"Late and Pregnant" (a nod to the earlier Saunders mix "Better Late than Pregnant"). So sorry for the delay in putting this out. I'm blaming it all on my lack of any kind of speed these days. The "Breathing Lessens" double entendre speaks both to my diminishing lung capacity and the music to which I've been listening lately. Slowed down. A dreamscape of sorts: birds, stars, moon, rivers, home, and then all of a sudden you're in Michigan with an elephant. I thought it might be appropriate for the end of winter too...a bit of a decrescendo before the "springing" up.

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  1. Josh Garrels / Pilot Me

    He has a voice that really travels.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Josh Garrels (born Joshua Michael Garrels on September 25, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter. Garrels has been a lot of things: son of a hippie commune, skater boy, suburban drug dealer, music/design student, coffee roaster, urban shepherd, and now nation- and globe-trotting minstrel of hope and healing. He is also a beacon of light in a marketplace rife with artists who, whether wanting to acquire fame or just their next meals, have sold Read more on more...

  2. Lucius / Go Home

    Love the guitar in this. And I thought I'd give you a range of Lucius, from the last song I put on a mix. The whole album is great. I love how this song is so needy, but purports to be the exact opposite.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Lucius is a five piece indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2011. The band consists of Jess Wolfe (lead vocals and synth), Holly Laessig (lead vocals and keys), Dan Molad (drums and vocals), Peter Lalish (guitar and vocals) and Andrew Burri (guitar, drums, vocals) "Luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies" is how the New York Times describes songs by Lucius, a five-piece band from Brooklyn, NY. At the center of Lucius are the "alluring and magnetic" (Seventeen) singers-in-unison, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. Read more on more...

  3. Valerie June / You Can't Be Told

    I know Bryn put this on a mix, and I think I just heard this song on a commercial during the Olympics, but I had to put her on my mix. The album is really dynamic.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Valerie June (born Valerie June Hockett in 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Memphis, Tennessee. She began recording and performing in 2001, initially with her then-husband in the duo Bella Sun. In her solo work her sound encompasses a mixture of folk, blues, gospel, soul, country, Appalachian and bluegrass. If June had been a roots artist in America 80 years ago, and she often sings as if she was, she might have been a principle influence on today's myriad retro troubadours Read more on more...

  4. Stars / Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

    Another repeat band from past mixes, but it's been on heavy rotation these past few months. So I'll just consider myself in good company.

    More Info from Last.FM

    There are several artists which use this name: 1. A popular indie pop band from Canada 2. A rock band from the United Kingdom featuring Syd Barrett 3. A rock band from Australia 4. A country rock band from Australia For the Japanese psychedelic group, please see The Stars 1. Stars is a Canadian indie pop band signed to the Arts & Crafts label. Originally formed in Toronto in 1998 by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman, the band relocated to New York City and then subsequently to Montreal. Read more on more...

  5. Beck / Blue Moon

    I'm really looking forward to the release of this full album (out tomorrow, I think). I was a huge fan of Sea Changes.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell, July 8, 1970) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Beck's music is known for its pop-junk culture collage of musical styles, ironic lyrics, samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and heady sound effects. Beck was born in Los Angeles, California, to David Campbell (a musician and son of a Presbyterian minister) and Bibbe Hansen (a former dancer for The Velvet Underground, founding member of the satirical band Black Fag, and visual artist). Read more on more...

  6. Phillip Phillips / Home

    I know I should be kicked out of Burnmix Club for putting a hit song by an American Idol winner on a mix, but really, does anyone not like this song?

    More Info from Last.FM

    Phillip Phillips (born September 20, 1990 in Leesburg, Georgia, USA) is an American singer and winner of American Idol season 11. Phillips grew up in Leesburg, Georgia and went to Lee County High School. He graduated Albany Technical College, but had to miss the graduation ceremony due to being on American Idol. Phillips auditioned for American Idol in Savannah, Georgia. He auditioned by singing the Stevie Wonder song "Superstition." The judges then asked him to audition with his guitar where he performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller. Read more on more...

  7. Angus Stone / River Love

    He kind of goes Dylan without Julia. I like it.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Brother-half of the folk duo Angus & Julia Stone from Australia. He has previously recorded under the moniker Lady of The Sunshine. “I feel like it would be my most personal work to date,” he ventures on the topic of Broken Brights. “I think I’m constantly introverting to that place, to that pocket I’ve always wanted to live inside amongst the songs & the tales that I’ve written. This album holds an essence that I’ve been searching for, for a long time. Read more on more...

  8. Taken By Trees / My Boys

    Infectious ditty.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Taken by Trees is the latest project of artist Victoria Bergsman from Stockholm, Sweden. Bergsman was singer-songwriter for The Concretes for eleven years before deciding to leave the band in July 2006. The debut album Open Field was recorded in six days, and features Peter Bjorn and John's John Eriksson, Electrelane's Verity Sussman, and Andreas Söderström (of Ass and Tape) on guitar. * Official site. Read more on more...

  9. The Milk Carton Kids / Michigan

    Once they get to Michigan, I'm sold on this song.

    More Info from Last.FM

    The Milk Carton Kids is an American indie folk duo from Eagle Rock, California, United States, consisting of singers and guitarists Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, who formed the group in early 2011. A performance by The Milk Carton Kids is a quiet and intricate affair. The duo have enjoyed intently listening audiences across the country and abroad in their respective solo careers, but an even greater sense of urgency and demand of attention is palpable now that they've come together as The Milk Carton Kids. Read more on more...

  10. Kelley Stoltz / Prank Calls

    It's like The Killers with tap shoes.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Kelley Stoltz (born 1971) is an American singer, songwriter and musician. Stoltz grew up in the Detroit area, but eventually found his way to San Francisco after taking a detour to New York City, where he worked in the mailroom at Jeff Buckley's management company. Armed with a four-track recorder and tons of great ideas, Stoltz began recording his own songs, performing all the parts himself. These songs caught the ear of Monte Vallier, who helped Read more on more...

  11. Candace Brinkley / Come Like A River

    I think a river dance in slow motion would make a great music video for this song.

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    Read more on more...

  12. Aloe Blacc / The Man

    I'm a Celtics fan, but when recently traded Kevin Garnett stuck it to Boston with this song/commercial, it was pretty awesome.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III (born 1979 in Orange County, California), better known by the stage name Aloe Blacc, is an American soul singer, rapper and musician. He began his recording career as an MC back in 1995 when he joined up with hip-hop producer Exile to form the mainstay indie rap group Emanon. Aloe released his debut solo album Shine Through on Stonethrow Records in 2006 and followed this up in 2010 with Good Things. He has also collaborated with the Cradle Orchestra under the name Bee Read more on more...

  13. Mazzy Star / In the Kingdom

    The ultimate dreamscape songstress. I think a lot of what she does sounds the same, but I really like this song. Is it crazy to consider this one of her more "upbeat" tunes?

    More Info from Last.FM

    Mazzy Star was an alternative / dream pop band founded in Los Angeles, CA, United States. They formed in 1989 from the group Opal, a collaboration of guitarist David Roback and bassist Kendra Smith. Roback's friend Hope Sandoval became the group's vocalist when Smith left the band. Mazzy Star is probably most famous for their song "Fade Into You", which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay. Read more on more...

  14. The Be Good Tanyas / The Littlest Birds

    Great little ramblin' song.

    More Info from Last.FM

    The Be Good Tanyas are an acoustic trio with folk and Americana influences, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. They play a combination of original and traditional material, and are notable for their lush vocal harmonies. The group features Frazey Ford (guitar, vocals), Samantha Parton (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals) and Trish Klein (electric guitar, banjo, harmony vocals). Jolie Holland is a former member and also a frequent guest. The Read more on more...

  15. Elephant Revival / Birds And Stars

    Love the feeling of imminence in this music.

    More Info from Last.FM

    The five souls in Elephant Revival are Sage Cook (banjo, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass and fiddle); Bridget Law (fiddle, octave fiddle); Bonnie Paine (washboard, djembe, musical saw, stompbox); Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, banjo, bass); and Dango Rose (double-bass, mandolin, banjo). All share vocals and write songs. Paine delivers additional beats via footstomps on plywood, her stockinged feet doing near jigs as her hands, encased in antique leather gloves, rub silver nickel against corrugated metal. Read more on more...

  16. Air Traffic Controller / You Know Me

    Had to speed things up a bit, in case everyone is asleep by now.

    More Info from Last.FM

    “The One” is the debut album release for both Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and Sugarpop Records, and was produced by power pop/rock maestro Bleu. The main man behind ATC is Dave Munro, who has served in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller. The record was born while Munro was overseas, "Making music, at that time, was merely a way of coping with homesickness and a long distance relationship.” He recorded some demos and sent them home, not realizing that he was accumulating a fan base in Boston already. Read more on more...

  17. Katie Herzig / I Hurt Too

    It's the ultimate track for a good wallowing.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Katie Herzig (born 6 March 1980 in California) is an American singer-songwriter whose songs have appeared often in movies, TV shows, and commercials. In 2007, she was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Country Performance for the song "Heaven's My Home," which she wrote with Ruby Amanfu and which was performed by The Duhks. Born in California to a musical family, when she was one year old her family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado In college in the summer of 1997 Read more on more...

  18. The Violet Archers / Simple

    Simple pretty song.

    More Info from Last.FM

    The Violet Archers are seasoned-veterans who know how to make magic. Case in point, helmsman Tim Vesely spent two decades as a revered singer and multi-instrumentalist for Canadian rock icons, The Rheostatics. Furthermore, on Sunshine At Night he is joined by acclaimed singer and pianist, Ida Nilsen (Great Aunt Ida, Buttless Chaps), drummer Camille Giroux (Sarah Harmer), bassist Scott Remila (Raising The Fawn) and guitarist Yawd Sylvester (Wayne Omaha). Together the band has crafted a stunning sophomore album of vibrant and lush indie rock. Read more on more...

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