Slim Chin Presents:

9 / February 2011 / Joe Choi

  1. Slim Chin - IntroSlim Chin
  2. Dark FantasyKanye West
  3. Who Makes Your MoneySpoon
  4. Shine BlockasBig Boi ft. Gucci Mane
  5. Can't Stop NowMajor Lazer ft. Mr. Vegas, Jovi Rockwell
  6. Why Won't You Make Up Your MindTame Impala
  7. Bottled In CorkTed Leo and the Pharmacists
  8. Play the GameShout Out Louds
  9. Like A G6Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs
  10. Walk In The ParkBeach House
  11. VictoryThe Walkmen
  12. I WalkedSufjan Stevens
  13. Sweet Days WaitingTeenage Fanclub
  14. White Blank PageMumford & Sons
  15. Hidden TrackFour Tet
  16. AlbatrossThe Besnard Lakes
  17. On The OceanGuster
  18. Swimming PoolsThao and the Get Down Stay Down
  19. Traipsing Through the AislesSamantha Crain
  20. Slim Chin - OutroSlim Chin

Just trying to have a little fun this go around - hopefully my selections won’t make you cringe as much as they make you smile.  Stole from Andy a bit and did a little music editing including using a youtube to mp3 converter to work in my main man Slim Chin.  The mix probably reads too much like Pitchfork’s top 50 but what can I say, you gotta drop it while it’s hot.

Love the fact that you can listen to the mixes right from the website because I’m restricted from updating iTunes on my work computer so I can’t sync my iPod and it also doesn’t play nice with any streaming media other than BurnMix (a stupid program called Anywhere Plus - worst sh!t ever, always a minus).

On a side note, my top albums of the year:

Tallest Man
Beach House
The National
Vampire Weekend
Shout Out Louds
Mumford & Sons
Sufjan Stevens
Belle and Sebastian
The Walkmen

  1. Slim Chin / Slim Chin - Intro

    My crazy Korean!

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  2. Kanye West / Dark Fantasy

    As much as I wanted to dislike this album, what can I say, the guy is pretty good at what he does. This record was pretty much all I listened to for last half of December. If Mr. West says this is how an album should start, well I guess I'm not one to argue with the man. Look out for "too many Urkels on your team, that's why your Winslow"...I'm sure every rapper wishes they could have dropped that line.

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    Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a Grammy award winning rapper, producer, author, designer and singer. He began making beats and rapping in the early 90s in Chicago, IL, United States when he formed the rap group Go Getters with Chicago natives GLC and Really Doe. He later gained nationwide popularity in New York when he began producing tracks for artists such as Jay-Z, Twista, Mase, Talib Kweli and Alicia Keys. West’s style of production often utilizes pitched-up vocal samples Read more on more...

  3. Spoon / Who Makes Your Money

    Wasn't planning on including a Spoon song but thought it would fit in nicely between my two hip-hop jams.

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    Spoon is an American indie rock band from Austin, Texas. The band was formed in late 1993 by lead singer/guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno. Current members also include: Eric Harvey (keyboard, guitar, percussion, backing vocals) and Rob Pope (bass, backing vocals - replaced Joshua Zarbo in 2007). After releasing their debut LP Telephono on Matador Records, the band signed with Elektra in 1998, but the contract was dropped soon after the band released A Series of Sneaks. Read more on more...

  4. Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane / Shine Blockas

    Not huge into rap but another really solid album. Can't lose when your featured guest has an ice cream cone tattooed to his face.

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    Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an American Grammy Award winning rapper, producer, actor and half of the critically and commercially successful hip hop duo OutKast. Big Boi met André 3000 while attending high school in the 1980s and the two eventually joined forces as OutKast and signed with LaFace Records. After six successful albums as a duo they both decided to work on solo projects Read more on more...

  5. Major Lazer ft. Mr. Vegas, Jovi Rockwell / Can't Stop Now

    Skip this song Andy! I've always loved the reggae vibe but haven't really ever found any that I truly love (other than everything Marley and Co). I don't love Major Lazer either, but gave it a whirl knowing that they are a Diplo creation. Never would've imagined that he's white.

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    Years after the zombie apocalypse ravaged the galaxy, Major Lazer went into isolation after bringing peace and order to Earth. With the help of a mysterious shadow government called Cinco he was cryogenically frozen as a safeguard for the future’s wellbeing. Despite a great many years of pursuing peace on the planet, a new threat began to loom on the horizon and the commando was brought out of sleep by the Committee of Five. This intergalactic group Read more on more...

  6. Tame Impala / Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind

    Don't really know too much about them but enjoying the psychedelic Beatles feel.

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    Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia. It is the project of Kevin Parker who writes and records almost all of the music by himself. The live band consists of Kevin Parker (lead guitar and vocals), Dominic Simper (guitar and synth), Jay Watson (synth and backing vocals), Julien Barbagallo (drums), Nick Allbrook (ex-bassist) who decided to leave the band mid 2013 and is now being replaced by their close friend, Cam Avery (from POND). Read more on more...

  7. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Bottled In Cork

    Yeah! Ted Leo is back! Reminds me of how good Shake the Sheets and The Tyranny of Distance were.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are an indie/punk band, with roots in traditional rock. They formed while Leo was living in Washington, DC, but now have members based around the northeast United States. Leo came from Bloomfield, New Jersey. The band consists of singer-songwriter and guitarist Ted Leo, guitarist James Canty, bassist Marty 'Violence' Key, and drummer Chris Wilson. After his previous band, Chisel, broke up in the late 1990s, Ted recorded the Tej Leo(?) Rx Pharmacists [sic] album in 1999, followed by the Treble in Trouble EP in 2000. Read more on more...

  8. Shout Out Louds / Play the Game

    For anyone who's listened to Our Ill Wills, the band really switched it up and went lo-fi this time around - I thought I came across an old demo record of theirs, but it works and as mentioned above one of my favorites of 2010.

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    Shout Out Louds are an indie rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of 'four boys and one girl': Adam Olenius (vocals, guitar), Ted Malmros (bass), Carl von Arbin (guitar), Eric Edman (drums) and Bebban Stenborg (keyboards, vocals). Their original name was Luca Brasi after the infamous muscle guy and personal enforcer of Don Vito Corleone from the Godfather films, until they realized another band shared that name. The band started in 2001. All members had been friends since they were young. Read more on more...

  9. Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs / Like A G6

    Possibly the dumbest song EVER! but it's catchy as hell and buried in my head forever. Plus they're my people. I guess my Haterade is running low. Slim Chin, Gucci Mane - tying it all together...okay, time to keep it movin'...

    More Info from Last.FM

    The Far East Movement (also known as FM), hailing from the clubs and streets of Los Angeles, California, United States, are one of the freshest crews representing the next generation of artists and “fly music.” Members Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, and DJ Virman have created a huge industry buzz with major companies, radio stations, and club DJs worldwide through their international appeal and energetic live shows. Finding their inspiration from the diverse city blocks and night club scene of Southern California Read more on more...

  10. Beach House / Walk In The Park

    Scoop'i'dy scoop scoop. Sorry man, it's hard to follow up the Far East Movement with just anything. Luckily this track fit almost anywhere.

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    Beach House is a dream pop group that formed in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The group consists of Victoria Legrand (vocals, organ) and Alex Scally (guitar, keyboards). Legrand is the niece of French composer Michel Legrand. The group has released six albums: Beach House (2006), Devotion (2008), Teen Dream (2010), Bloom (2012), Depression Cherry (2015) and Thank Your Lucky Stars (2015). Within a year of formation, the group charmed indie music enthusiasts across the blogosphere with their languid songcraft Read more on more...

  11. The Walkmen / Victory

    Their records always take a bit of time to ebb their way into my brain. Victory was the first track to break the ice.

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    The Walkmen are an American indie rock band, with members based in New York City and Philadelphia. The band formed in 2000 with three members from Jonathan Fire*Eater—Paul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums)—and two from The Recoys, Peter Matthew Bauer (bass/organ) and Hamilton Leithauser (vocals, guitar). All but Bauer attended St. Albans in Washington, D.C. They prefer the sound of vintage musical instruments Read more on more...

  12. Sufjan Stevens / I Walked

    For me Sufjan's career work seems to be evolving similarly to the way Radiohead's had. Although I'd say this record is his Kid A and BQE is closer to Amnesiac. If you haven't already, listened to Impossible Soul- it's a wild and satisfying 25 minute long medley.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Sufjan Stevens (pronounced "SOOF-yahn"; born July 1, 1975) is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Petoskey, Michigan. He is known for his lyrically focused and instrumentally rich songs that often relate to faith and family. He has enjoyed wide critical success in the United States. He is considered part of the folk revival through indie pop, but his influences are very broad, including experimental electronic music, the jazz of Vince Guaraldi, and the academic minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Read more on more...

  13. Teenage Fanclub / Sweet Days Waiting sweet. It's been so long since Grand Prix.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Teenage Fanclub are an indie rock / power pop band from Bellshill, Scotland near Glasgow, formed in 1989 and formerly known as the Boy Hairdressers. They have two generally known humorous nicknames: "The Fannies" and "The Bellshill Beach Boys". They're revered for their devotion to chiming, The Byrds-esque guitars and harmonic vocals. The band is perhaps best known for the 1991 masterpiece 'Bandwagonesque', which presaged the later Britpop and indie pop movements Read more on more...

  14. Mumford & Sons / White Blank Page

    I almost put Timshel on the mix - I knew it sounded too familiar and it's a good thing I checked. But this record is deserving of a second track. Originally heard Little Lion Man on Matt Pinfield's radio station in New York last year sometime and their sound was different than anything that was airing at the time. Nice to hear so much passion in their music, I think that's also what makes the Tallest Man so special.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Mumford & Sons are an English folk band from London, formed in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesizer), Winston Marshall (vocals, electric guitar, banjo) and Ted Dwane (vocals, bass guitar, double bass). Mumford & Sons have released three studio albums: Sigh No More (2009), Babel (2012) and Wilder Mind (2015). Sigh No More peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 in the US Read more on more...

  15. Four Tet / Hidden Track

    Only checked this record out because they're always remixing so much great stuff and usually do it really well. Unfortunately, their latest album doesn't really do it for me. Luckily I was listening to it on random or else I would've never stumbled across this gem.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden (born 1980 in Putney, London, UK) for his experimental electronic music-oriented solo efforts, to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge. Hebden's solo work typically utilises samples lifted from various sources including hip-hop, electronica, techno, jazz, and folk mixed with his own guitar playing. Four Tet shares some stylistic similarities with other musicians, such as Prefuse 73, who use computer editing techniques that give the music a staccato, cut-up feel. Read more on more...

  16. The Besnard Lakes / Albatross

    The Besnard Lakes Are: from Canada. What is it aboot that country that's cranking out so much good music? I going to put a mix of all Canadian bands together - Moose tracks.

    More Info from Last.FM

    The Besnard Lakes are a band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, formed by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Olga Goreas (vocals/Bass), and completed by Kevin Laing (drums) and Richard White (guitar). According to Songfacts, their name comes from Lake Besnard in North-Central Saskatchewan. The band gained critical attention with their second album, The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, that was nominated for a Polaris Prize in 2007. Read more on more...

  17. Guster / On The Ocean

    Sounds like the boys from Tufts have found Jeebus.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Guster is an alternative rock band, which formed at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, United States in 1992. The band consists of Adam Gardner and Ryan Miller on guitar and vocals and Brian Rosenworcel on percussion. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Pisapia played with the band from 2003-2010. Luke Reynolds has taken Pisapia's place to tour with the band for their newest album, Easy Wonderful. The band is noted for its catchy, poppy melodies, and the distinctive hand-drumming on percussion. Read more on more...

  18. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down / Swimming Pools

    This and the following track are old. But I've always wanted to include something from their respective records on a mix. This is my attempt to throw in something new (...but old).

    More Info from Last.FM

    Thao Nguyen (vocals, guitar) plays with Adam Thompson (bass guitar), and Willis Thompson (drums). Thao was raised in Falls Church, Virginia, and began playing guitar at age 12. Since then, she has crafted a folksy sound with tinges of gritty blues and laconic country. Thao's records are currently released on Kill Rock Stars. Read more on more...

  19. Samantha Crain / Traipsing Through the Aisles

    Saw Thao and Samantha Crain at the Music Hall in Williamsburg a couple years back - a great venue.

    More Info from Last.FM

    Samantha Crain (born August 15, 1986 in Shawnee, Oklahoma) is an American songwriter, musician, and singer. Crain's first recording was the 2007 self-released EP The Confiscation. Her first LP, recorded as Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers (with Jacob Edwards, Andrew Tanz, and Beth Bombara), was 2009's Songs in the Night. After the group disbanded, Crain released her first solo album, You (Understood) in 2010. Crain's third album Kid Face was released in 2013, and followed by 2015's Under Branch & Thorn & Tree. Read more on more...

  20. Slim Chin / Slim Chin - Outro

    See you guys in six.

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