April Fools And Their Gold

95 / April 2018 / Noah Kuhn

  1. Look At What The Light Did NowFlo Morrissey and Matthew E. White
  2. No Going BackYuno
  3. LovelessLo Moon
  4. GuruCoast Modern
  5. Green LightLorde
  6. Small Foreign FactionHaley Blais
  7. MeltJONES
  8. anemoneslenderbodies
  9. Fools and Their GoldPLGRMS
  10. Pays ImaginairePolo & Pan
  11. Short Court StyleNatalie Prass
  12. DarlingReal Estate
  13. Find YourselfLukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
  14. Passing CloudsHiss Golden Messenger
  15. HarmoniaCass McCombs
  16. Call It DreamingIron & Wine
  1. Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White / Look At What The Light Did Now

    Love this track. The voices together, the playing, the lyrics. It's a cover that is—to me—a million times better than the original. The bass player in this recording is incredible, just all over the place. This song was my first intro to Spacebomb Records. A studio/houseband from Richmond, VA. They figure into this song and two others on this mix.

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    Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White is a collaboration between English singer and songwriter Flo Morrissey and American musician Matthew E. White. They released "Gentlewoman, Ruby Man", a cover album, in 2017. Read more on Last.fm more...

  2. Yuno / No Going Back

    Late add.

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    There is more than one artist with this name, including: 1) Yuno (formerly unouomedude) is musician Yuno Moodie from Jacksonville, Florida. 2) YUNO was a Hamburg-based band that split up in 2008. 1) Yuno (formerly unouomedude) is musician Yuno Moodie from Jacksonville, Florida. He was born to parents from the UK and of Jamaican descent. 2) YUNO was a Hamburg based band that split up in 2008. Read more on Last.fm more...

  3. Lo Moon / Loveless

    This song was with me all winter. Listened on many snowy drives to drop kids around town. Has a little Sigur Ros atmosphere which I always associate with cold, long views, ice.

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    Lo Moon are an alternative pop/rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band's members are frontman Matt Lowell (guitar/vocals), Crisanta Baker (synth/bass/samples), and Sam Stewart (guitar). Lo Moon's debut album will be released in February 2018. Read more on Last.fm more...

  4. Coast Modern / Guru

    This has been a Kuhn kid dance jam for the past couple months. These guys are on a previous mix.

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    Coast Modern is an American indie pop duo based in Los Angeles, California, known for their 2015 single “Hollow Life.” The duo consists of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp. Read more on Last.fm more...

  5. Lorde / Green Light

    You've all heard this one I'm sure. Great song.

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    Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (born 7 November 1996), known by her stage name "Lorde" (pronounced "lord"), is a Grammy Award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter. She released her first EP, The Love Club EP, in March 2013, and her first single, Royals, in June 2013. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, was released on September 27, 2013, and was followed by Melodrama in 2017. She chose her stage name due to her fascination with "royals and aristocracy". Read more on Last.fm more...

  6. Haley Blais / Small Foreign Faction

    The self harmonies towards the end seal this one for me.

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    It’s hard not to fall in love with Blais as she expertly puts into song so much of what humans are feeling. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Haley Blais began her musical career as a solo folk artist. After her debut EP Late Bloomer (2016) was released independently online by demand of her YouTube subscribers, Haley went from single white female yielding ukulele, to five piece band. Let Yourself Go, a 5 track EP, set to be released April 2018, will feature a more mature sound of folk rock and pop. Read more on Last.fm more...

  7. JONES / Melt

    Smooth slow burner, love the feel of this song.

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    There are at least 8 artists named Jones: 1. Musician from the UK 2. Singaporean singer 3. Baltimore rapper 4. Pseudonym for the artist also known as Thought Jones 5. Hip Hop artist from Frederick, MD. 6. Swiss soul singer 7. Rapper, singer and producer from Florida 8. Trevor Jones - singer/songwriter for Miracle Mile 1. Cherie Jones-Mattis, better known by her stage name JONES, is a British singer-songwriter. Debuting in 2015 with the single "Indulge" Read more on Last.fm more...

  8. slenderbodies / anemone

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    California based Indie-Pop duo. Read more on Last.fm more...

  9. PLGRMS / Fools and Their Gold

    Love the synth horn melody.

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    Read more on Last.fm more...

  10. Polo & Pan / Pays Imaginaire

    Not the first Polo & Pan appearance on Burnmix. Love how each verse layers new instrumentation. No idea what they're talking about but the lyric melody is A+. Pays Imaginaire = Imaginary Country = Neverland from Peter Pan.

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    Polo & Pan is a French electronic music duo comprising Paul Armand Delille and Alex Pan. Read more on Last.fm more...

  11. Natalie Prass / Short Court Style

    Dig the guitar and bass riffs throughout, especially under the chorus. And then the faux Snoop Dogg synth later in the song. There is a mini-bridge jam that I was was WAY longer, this band can play! Turns out this song and her upcoming album were produced by Matthew E White (see song one), and the same band that plays on that song, is the one here.

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    Natalie Jean Prass (born March 15, 1986) is an American singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. Natalie Prass is the kind of artist Spacebomb was created for—a songwriter’s songwriter and performer’s performer blessed with a golden voice and universal appeal—a singer who understands the vision and brings an undeniable talent to the process. She’s a joy for any listener to discover—a lover and a fighter and old-soul trader in genuine energy, aiming straight for the heart. Read more on Last.fm more...

  12. Real Estate / Darling

    Love the hiccup rhythm, great melodies thoughout.

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    Real Estate is a band from Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States, now based in Brooklyn, N.Y. The band has roots in the Garden State and they’re led by singer/guitarist Martin Courtney and feature guitarist Matthew Mondanile (the latter known to some for his work in Ducktails, Predator Vision, and The Parasails) as well as Alex Bleeker (side project: Alex Bleeker And The Freaks) on bass and Etienne Duguay (also of Predator Vision) on the drums. They Read more on Last.fm more...

  13. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real / Find Yourself

    Killer vocals, great classic southern rock vibe. This song ticks all the boxes for me.

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    Lukas Nelson and his band P.O.T.R. (Promise of the Real) are an American rock n roll group based out of California. Lukas first picked up the guitar at age 11 to honor a promise he made to his father and was able to teach himself the craft by playing along to classic Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix songs. Now at age 24, Lukas is building his following the old fashioned way by touring year round and delivering high energy performances to fans across the country. Read more on Last.fm more...

  14. Hiss Golden Messenger / Passing Clouds

    The last song to make it on the mix, just released last week. Love HGM, and this is a team up with the aforementioned Spacebomb Records band. The bassist who blew me away on the "Light" song earlier is the producer of this track. Great layered sound, again, these players are spot on. The drumming fills over the last chorus are awesome.

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    Hiss Golden Messenger is a folk country band from Durham, North Carolina, led by MC Taylor. The mainstays of Hiss Golden Messenger are M.C. Taylor and Scott Hirsch, formerly of Ex-Ignota and The Court & Spark. Hiss Golden Messenger stretches out into the improv-rock territory of Traffic and the Grateful Dead and beyond. They signed with Merge Records in 2014. Major releases include Country Hai East Cotton (2009), Bad Debt (2010), Poor Moon (2011) Read more on Last.fm more...

  15. Cass McCombs / Harmonia

    Spent a week in Florida in February and I spent a lucky hour in a hammock with headphones and a cocktail. For some reason, I was humming this song, but couldn't place the name of it. Took about 10 minutes of googling various lyric memories to find it. I love the instrumental jam in the middle. Love the repetitive bass heartbeat.

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    Cass McCombs (born in Concord, California in 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and performer. An enigmatic folk nomad, McCombs is a quintessentially American artist; "he's quietly become one of (the country's) finest chroniclers of fringe characters, a writer of heart-rending love songs and psychedelic odes to the natural world, a teller of tall-tales with a sense of humor dry as desert wood, and that rare folksinger who actually sings about the folk. Read more on Last.fm more...

  16. Iron & Wine / Call It Dreaming

    This song was a lock since my last mix. Although it's dropped down the batting order, it's still a great one.

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    Iron & Wine is the stage and recording name of folk rock singer and composer Sam Beam (born July 26, 1974). He currently resides in Dripping Springs, Texas, outside Austin. He has released four studio albums, several EPs and singles, as well as a few download-only releases, which include a live album (a recording of his 2005 Bonnaroo performance). The name Iron & Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named "Beef Iron & Wine" that he found in a general store. Read more on Last.fm more...

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